Our Public Data

2018 Nature Communications – Bayard et al – Cyclin A2/E1 activation defines a hepatocellular carcinoma subclass with a rearrangement signature of replication stress. Data: Clinical Annotations Copy Number Analysis cgp Battenberg_45_WGS_samples Copy_number_analysis_segmented_160_WGS_or_WES_samples Gene_description_for_FPKM_table Gene_expression_160_RNAseq_samples Gene_fusions_160_RNAseq_samples Somatic_coding_mutations_and_indels_160_WGS_or_WES_samples Somatic_mutations_and_indels_45_WGS_samples.vcf Somatic_structural_variants_45_WGS_samples.txt R Data Bioinformatics – Shinde et al – Palimpsest: an R package for studying mutational and structural variant signatures along … Continue reading Our Public Data