Our director rewarded

We are very proud of our director, Jessica Zucman-Rossi, who has just been awarded the “Legion d’Honneur” for her career. The ceremony toke place last Monday and the medal was given to her by Hervé W Friedman. It was a beautiful torchlight passing between the creator of Cordeliers Research Centre & Jessica who takes over the management of CRC in 2019 after the very good direction of Pascal Ferré these last years.


Congrats Jessica!









November 14th – Mayo Clinic, Paris Descartes, CARPEM Symposium : Digestive oncology

The laboratory will be very well represented during this first symposium organized by SIRIC CARPEM, Paris Descartes university and the prestigious Mayo Clinic next November.


Organized by Pr Gérard Friedlander, Pr Pierre Laurent-Puig & Pr Jessica Zucman-Rossi the symposium will focused on Digestive Oncology and will be an opportunity to promote and set up new collaborations between international digestive oncology experts.

The event is sponsors by Inserm, APHP, CRC and HetColi consortium from HTE Program.

For more information visit the CARPEM website.


René & Andrée Duquesne 2018 Price to Pr Jessica Zucman-Rossi and her team!

We are very proud to receive, with Pr Pascale COSSART,  the 2018 René & Andrée Price from Ligue Contre le Cancer past  Monday at Institut Pasteur.