FunGeST – From Genomics to Therapeutic Targets

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PhD - CR2


“Therapeutic Targets in liver tumors”, led by Sandra Rebouissou Ph.D., develops an integrated approach that extends from the study of the molecular basis of tumor initiation and progression to applications of targeted treatment and the identification of biomarkers predicting the therapeutic response. For this purpose, they develop two main research axes:

1) translational studies based on screening of anti-tumor molecules on large collections of adult and pediatric human liver cancer cell lines characterized extensively at the molecular level, combined with genomic analysis of tumor samples from patients included in clinical trials in order to link tumor molecular alterations and microenvironment to the clinical therapeutic response.

2) basic studies aimed at modeling in cellulo and in vivo the genetic alterations identified in human tumors in order to better identify the driver genes and their role in liver oncogenesis, and to understand the mechanisms of oncogenic cooperations.






PhD - CR2
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PhD student
MESR Grant
PhD student
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Massih Ningarhari
MD, PhD student


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