New publication by Didier Jean team in Lung Cancer

Didier Jean team have just published a new paper in Lung Cancer. In this work the investigated anti-tumor effect of eight major signaling pathways inhibitors involved in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) carcinogenesis. They found that three inhibitors were more efficient than cisplatin, the drug used as first-line chemotherapy in patients with MPM: verteporfin, a putative YAP inhibitor, defactinib, a FAK inhibitor and NSC668394, an Ezrin inhibitor.

Verteporfin, the most efficient inhibitor, induced cell proliferation arrest and cell death, and is effective on 3D spheroid multicellular model. Verteporfin sensitivity was YAP-independent and related to molecular classification of the tumors. Biomarkers based on gene expression were identified to predict accurately sensitivity to these three inhibitors.

Link to the publication